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Priester Aviation LED Lighting

Priester Aviation is Chicagoland’s preeminent choice in aircraft management, aircraft charter, and related aviation services. They’ve been globally recognized for their vision, values, new way of thinking, client focus, and longevity in a highly competitive market; growing from a small Midwestern company into a national organization with a global presence.

Project Details

Client name:
Priester Aviation
Wheeling, IL
June 2016
$26,282 Savings Per Year
Aviation LED

From The Client

Upgrade the lighting infrastructure throughout the hangars and office to best reflect Priester’s value to the highest quality facilities, while also reducing energy costs.

Whether for first time passengers, repeat clients or those just passing by, your hangar is your display case, and make no exception for Priester’s, as theirs is immaculate. However besides replacing aged lightning technology to save on costs, showing off your aircraft can be just as equally important. In this very competitive industry how a customer perceives the aura of their environment can make all the difference in the world. Loading and unloading in a dark and gloomy hangar can be more than enough to switch providers come next flight. Priester therefore may the decision to upgrade its lighting infrastructure to best reflect their value to the highest quality facilities. Learn more about their case below.

Implemented an LED technology solution that cut energy costs by more than 45% while also increasing the overall illumination.

After completion Priester has received numerous compliments from clients, employees, and partners. The savings were exactly as described in the initial proposal, making the project cash neutral during the course of the lease. The hangers saw a 25% improvement in illumination while reducing the overall spend by 75% on those fixtures.

Areas Covered

Aircraft Hangars
Passenger Lounge
Control Center

Original Fixtures

1000 Watt High Bay
150 Watt Area Light
T12 Fluorescent Troffer
T12 Fluorescent Strip/Wrap

Replacement Fixtures

225 Watt LED High Bay
50 Watt LED Area Light
24 Watt LED Troffer Replacement
24 Watt LED Strip/Wrap Replacement