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Increase your team collaboration and business efficiency, while you reduce travel expenses. Discover the benefits of stronger customer engagement and lead generation with an all-inclusive audio and video conferencing solution. Share screens, presentations, whiteboards, and files in local or cloud storage such as Box and Dropbox™. Meetings can hold up to 500 people, and anyone attending can share content and join annotation, which boosts productivity during your conferences.

Audio, Web, and HD Video Conferencing

Audio and Web Conferencing

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) and Internet-based conferencing services offer flexible and cost-effective group collaboration solutions. Replete with features, audio and web conferencing saves time and money while promoting teamwork and aiding productivity.

HD Video Conferencing

For conferences with a visual component, video conferencing solutions deliver high-powered performance for a small fraction of the cost associated with in-person meetings.

Video conferencing platforms allow virtual meeting participants to share slideshows, to stream video, and to share countless other visual aids quickly and easily. The results are reduced travel costs and increased lines of communication among team members and clients.


Reduced Communications Costs By 25%

PGA Case Study

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