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Zamm Advisors is a leading Cloud Services agency that helps businesses of all sizes save time and money on Cloud services procurement. Through close-working partnerships with more than 100 technology service providers, Zamm Advisors is able to leverage its extensive expertise to provide viable technology solutions for clients.

The advantages of the Zamm Advisors approach are proven. Not only do clients avoid the tedious, time-consuming hassle of shopping around for the best pricing on individual services, but they also access preferred rates while eliminating unnecessary services. The end result is a more efficient, more affordable Cloud Service package that boosts employee productivity while reducing costs.

Our Company

Zamm Advisors was founded by industry veterans whom have been in the telecom and IT services industry since 1990. Over the years, the Zamm Advisors team have been involved with successful technology rollouts for businesses of all sizes–from start-ups and small companies to major multinationals. In 2015, Zamm Advisors added LED lighting to our portfolio of services.

Our Expertise

Cloud Communications

The agency’s management team has specialized expertise in the field of cloud communications solutions. The emergence of the cloud is transforming how businesses store, share, and access data, and the Zamm Advisors team helps clients take full advantage of its incredible capabilities.


Zamm Advisors also excels at listening. Through comprehensive telecommunications audits and in-depth interviews, the Zamm Advisors team gains valuable, actionable insights into how its clients conduct business. This helps us recommend specific solutions and tailor IT and LED lighting to the individual needs of each client.

Why Choose Zamm?

Comparing the terms of individual IT and LED lighting services is a laborious and demanding task that eats up untold hours. Worse, companies are rarely able to secure the best rates on the services that they need, and they’re often forced to sign up for services they don’t really want or need in order to secure the ones they do.

Zamm Advisors offers a solution. The Zamm Advisors team does all the shopping, comparing and negotiating on behalf of its clients, and because of Zamm Advisor’s unique insider access to cloud service providers, its team members are often able to secure advantageous terms and service conditions. The Zamm Advisors mandate is to help businesses make sense of the multitude of IT and LED lighting services options on the market and to save money on the services and packages that will benefit them most.

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