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Disaster Recovery

Data centers and colocation services are an integral part of disaster recovery planning, but, by necessity, the exact plan will differ from business to business. Zamm helps companies enjoy enhanced peace of mind for the most affordable available rates.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery (BaaS/DRaaS)

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup protects your data in the cloud. This allows you to recover a file or a server back to hardware on the customer premises. Cloud Backup may integrate with your on-premises backup software, such as CommVault, ArcServe, or Symantec, and often serves as a replacement for tape. Alternately, Backup as a Service is a managed solution in which we bring the software to the your premises.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service protects your business, as opposed to only the data. This allows your to recover your entire IT environment – servers, storage, network, data, and apps – in the cloud. You can quickly resume business operations in a matter of hours, instead of waiting until their onsite environment is rebuilt. Disaster Recovery typically leverages replication technologies, which can be host-based (at the server level), like Double-Take or Zerto, or array-based (at the storage level), like EMC or NetApp replication.


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