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IaaS allows businesses to outsource many of their computer hardware and IT infrastructure needs to cloud-based service providers. End clients pay service providers on a per-use basis to access a full range of hardware, networking components, servers, and data storage capabilities. IaaS is an ideal money-saving tool, eliminating the need to invest capital expenditure in expensive servers and networking equipment.

Focus on core competencies not software patches and forklift hardware upgrades

Data Center & Colocation

Data centers and colocation services offer flexible, affordable, and secure solutions to companies looking for ways to improve data security and build effective disaster recovery plans. Zamm Advisor’s data center and colocation service providers offer reliable and secure turnkey solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology.

Managed Hosting Example

A customer needed a platform that supported Microsoft and Linux, a way to avoid the pain of managing their own hardware, and access to on-demand, high-quality engineering support. They were able to find a cloud solution featuring dynamic allocation of resources, a large global footprint, and top-of-the-line support that exceeded all their needs. Moreover, the entire transition took less than three weeks, and the ROI was 20% stronger than their previous setup.

closet to colocation


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