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LED Lighting

Each customer is provided a design specialist and project manager to oversee the successful completion of your implementation. We use state of the art tools to maximize the returns and overall structure of design. With advanced planning, crews are available for evening, night, or weekend shifts. Your local community will notice the commitment to safety, employees an improved work environment, and the extensive environmental benefits. All while reducing your operating expense! A local Zamm team member is eager to help.

Reduce the kilowatt usage per fixture as much as 60%,
Dramatically reduce lighting maintenance costs
Simply better illumination, Environmentally friendly

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Energy Consultant – We provide a complimentary no obligation professional assessment
  • Lighting Architect – All design work is performed in advance to exceed expectations
  • Best in Breed Manufacturers – Zamm is at the forefront of selecting best in breed LED technology
  • Electricians – Zamm is your experienced, certified, and safe electrician

Professional Assessment Lighting Audit

  • Observe current infrastructure, age, design, & flaws
  • kW reduction & increased illumination
  • LED ROI calculations

Cut energy costs by more than 45%

Priester Case Study

For many businesses the conversation between incandescent, compact fluorescent light (also know as CFL’s) or light emitting diode (also known as LED’s) has a unique discussion around the value to the business. Incandescent continues to be the most prevalent lighting currently installed. As these generate light, 90% of the electricity used is to simply heat up the bulb. This has two negative effects, the energy consumption is much higher on a per fixture basis and the HVAC systems must work harder to control the heat from the light. Compact fluorescent lights have become more pervasive over the past few years. This is all been an effort to reduce spend and remain environmentally responsible. However, CFL’s still contain mercury, which can be dangerous for your employees and the environment. CFL’s also remain costly to maintain, can be difficult on the eyes, and have a much shorter life span then LED’s. It has also been commented that many individuals don’t like the “warming up” period it takes for a CFL to become completely lit providing illumination.

Light emitting diode’s (LED’s) have become the solution for most. Studies have proven that with the proper replacement fixtures and implementation, over 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. Zamm also provides a minimum of a five year warranty on any product it supplies. LED’s eliminate any mercury found in CFL’s and incandescent, average over ten years of use, and minimize maintenance support. In addition, LED’s have no “warm up” period, eliminating the additional strain on your HVAC system, and provide a cleaner more reliable lighting source. The question arises: If LED’s are so great why has there not been a 100% market conversion? Some have viewed the capital expense too costly for the long term savings. Others have had a negative experience with LED lighting going out and manufacturers not backing the original warranty. Some simply do not view it as a priority. Here is our response: We will find a solution that works within your budget but does not cut on quality. We can do this through a lease, through savings, or through a capital purchase. Zamm will look for the little things that can eliminate warranties, such as the infrastructure being properly grounded, loose wires, and proper removal or bypass the ballast. We understand everyone needs to run a business. Our team makes this process turn key. We can perform our installation after hours or on weekends. We also ensure the equipment arrives safely, our team members are fully insured, and no mess is left behind.

With LEDs, typically 70% of your lighting expense will be eliminated
Normally quality LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting
Halogen lights convert on average only 18% of consumed energy into light


Zamm is committed to the safety of your employees and property. We accomplish this by being committed to our employees professional development. Routine training is provided to ensure you experience a world class installation. We understand the savings certainly do not replace the security of a safe install. Accidents simply are avoidable. We will stay vigilant in our contentious efforts to provide the safest work environment.


Zamm has been at the forefront of selecting best-in-breed light emitting diode, LED, technology. Many attempt to use a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘one manufacture fits all’ approach. Our experience has led us down a different path. Savings, longevity, and cosmetic appeal drive us. As front line experts we see first hand the need to adapt our approach and technology by market segment. This has led to designs deployed by Zamm that provide the accurate foot candle levels and proper illumination. We will continue to find ways to be even more responsive to our clients’ and partners’ challenges through innovation.


We start with an audit to establish a foundation for any energy reduction program. Auditors are trained and certified to investigate and determine the fixtures age, lighting efficiency, design intent, and any potential existing equipment flaws. Then our design team swings into action. The team will first focus on ensuring any upgrade is coupled with the proper amount of light. Cosmetic options are then matched up for aesthetics appeal. Now the design team turns the architecture into a useable format. A return on investment is generated outlying the savings and time for pay back. All design work is performed in advance to exceed expectations.


We pay attention to the details. Delivering an end product that exceeds our client’s vision is just as important as the savings. We place value on diligent planning and stringent quality control. Our projects are built to last and realize our clients standards for long-term performance.

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